Initial Consultation

The goal of this meeting is for us to fully understand your project goals by listening to your ideas while we look at your project space.  We will take measurments, discuss your budget considerations, and discuss specific solutions with you.

Design & Proposal

We'll use the information and understanding we gathered in our intitial consultation to formulate a detailed estimate and mockup drawings showing what the project will look like once finished.  We'll also answer any questions you may have regarding the estimate, and provide an end-to-end time frame for completing the project.

HOA Approvals

We will submit any required applications for HOA approval or government permits which are required for the project.


Once we have obtained the necessary approvals and permits, we will begin the construction phase of the project.  We go out of our way to maintain a clean and safe construction site.  At the end of every work day, the site will be cleaned so that minimize or completely avoid any disruption to your daily activities at home.

Finishing Touches

Once construction is complete and finishing touches have been applied, we will walk the project space with you to ensure that we've exceeded your expectations.